Please Save Your Money and don’t spend a cent on Digital Marketing until get access to the information this site. The Internet presents an enormous opportunity to get customers for your business! But most company’s are missing the opportunity, poorly advised by graphics designers more interested in cool designs than getting customers or taken advantage off  by SEO Sweatshops promising to get you to the top of Google for a monthly fee, but who in reality could be damaging you business forever.

One well known business writer has gone as far as saying. “If you are A Small to Medium Sized business and you are not embracing Digital Marketing you probably wont be in business in 5 Years”.The horrible truth is your Web Designer could be putting you Out of Business.The Number one driver for digital Marketing must  for Getting CustomersBefore you spend a penny with a ask them how many customers they they will guarantee!The reality is that most companies ‘advising’ companies on the digital strategy have absolutely no idea how to get customers onlne They engage in ‘Hope’ strategies believing if the get the website ranked or use PPC you might get customers, using Your Money!

But they are not hoping, you are ! They get paid anyway, you are the one worrying about customers and if you will get any result for the money you are spending. Facebook is a whole new way for a business to reach it’s customers.Facebook has firmly established itself as perhaps the most important new place on in the Digital Marketing Arena. It Presents an enormous marketing opportunity for all businesses ranging from the self employed, to small and medium sized companies and corporates.

 -If you are in any doubt then consider these facts

-Facebook is the number one most visited site on the web (Google is second and YouTube is third)

-It has over 800 million users,

-50% Sign on daily

-One in 8 of online minutes spent on facebook

 If used correctly Facebook can now place am important part in your overall marketing Strategy